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University of Chicago student

I Found My Niche At University of Chicago

Student: Youssef Hasweh

School: University of Chicago

Major: Undecided

“Hiiiii!!! My name is Youssef Hasweh and I am an incoming first year at the University of Chicago. I am Brooklyn born and raised but am excited to grow in a different way in Chicago. I am a first-generation, low-income student of color and I will always say that proudly. I had to fight for support while navigating through the college process and that is why I try to help as many students as I can through educational TikToks. I am constantly asked what I plan to study at UChicago; I am so interested in policymaking and law. But I am living, growing, and learning everyday so I don’t know just yet. Regardless, I will try to make as big of a splash in whatever community I end up in.

I have had the honor to get in contact with so many other high-achieving students through scholarship programs and organizations. It really has empowered me to reclaim my narrative and fight stigmas of being a “quota boy” perpetuated by people who don’t understand how difficult it is to navigate this process. After a lot of failures and success, I have appreciated looking back to my roots and where I started. I have done case studies and research with professors on this process and have learned that what I know is meant to be shared and is bigger than myself. My passions for equity and access have also grown my passion for social justice. Specifically, the Free Palestine movement and fighting menstrual disparities in low-income communities.” –@youssefhasweh

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