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I Found My Niche at University of California Merced

Kenneth, a young man with tan skin and short black hair, sits on a road barrier in front of a city street at night. Behind him, cars are parked on the street and buildings are lit up. He smiles at the camera and wears a black sweater, black jeans, and white sneakers.

Student Name: Kenneth

School: University of California – Merced

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“Hi, my name is Kenneth and I’m a freshman at UC Merced!! I’m currently majoring in mechanical engineering and aspiring to be in the aerospace industry. I chose UC Merced because of its potential and the opportunities it offers me.⁠

UC Merced has definitely been quite an experience. Growing up in a lively place like Orange County, upon choosing UC Merced, I was quite hesitant to give the city life all up. But I’m grateful for my decision on sticking to UC Merced because it has given me opportunities and experiences unlike any other. UC Merced provides extravagant professors that go above and beyond to help us not only become successful in our education but also help us grow as a person. Not to mention providing me with everlasting friendships and connections that I can rely on after my time at UC Merced.⁠

UC Merced is a top-ranked 100 school and is still up and coming. It has a beautiful campus and friendly environment and I can’t wait to see what second semester and the next 3 years Merced has to offer for me!!”⁠ – @kenneth_gampol

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