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UC Berkeley student

I Found My Niche At University of California – Berkeley

Student: Angelica Song

School: University of California – Berkeley

Major: Business Administration and Nutritional Science

“Hi! My name is Angelica Song, born and raised in Orange County, California. I’m a senior at UC Berkeley studying Business Administration and Nutritional Science. I am interested in working in product marketing and business strategy. And, I just wrapped up my product marketing internship at Google this summer. In my free time, I also make college & lifestyle vlog content online on YouTube (Angelica Song), TikTok (_angelicasong), and Instagram (@_angelicasong). I love talking about my honest experiences with college applications, internships, rejection, budgeting, and more.

I absolutely love empowering people to really take advantage of every opportunity and turning closed doors into 3 new open ones. I’m all about self-growth, YOU DO YOU, and making the best out of any situation. Social media has allowed me to connect with so many new friends who share similar struggles and experiences as a Gen Z student. I’m grateful that I have the platform to really have that dialog and hopefully be of any comfort or help to anyone. Definitely check out my socials and come join the community!” –@_angelicasong

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