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I Found My Niche at University of Arizona

Student Name: Judith Charles

School: University of Arizona

Major: Retail and Consumer Sciences

Hi, my name is Judith Charles! I am a sophomore at the University of Arizona! I am majoring in Retail and Consumer Sciences with plans of attending law school afterwards. I am involved in greek life and am a member of Alpha Phi Sorority! ⁠

The University of Arizona is a great school with an extremely social setting which I love. I chose to attend the UofA due to the scholarships that I received. The school offers many resources to help you stay on track academically but it is up to you to find and use the resources being that they are not advertised well. I feel like everyone’s experience differs. At times I wish I had chose a more diverse school being a black woman, coming to Arizona from Miami was an extreme culture shock for me. However, I do not believe in regrets only lessons learned from the mistakes. My experience isn’t all bad because I have made many friends and being in this environment is a constant reminder to continue to work hard for the things that I want in life.⁠


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