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I Found My Niche at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Student Name: Marianna

School: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Major: Arctic and Northern Studies

Hi my name is Marianna & I am a Senior Arctic and Northern studies major at UAF! The program is smaller, and most of my classes are stacked with grad students, which is nice because classroom discussions are interesting, and the teachers in the program are really knowledgeable! ⁠

UAF is really flexible with online vs in-person, & classes keep a zoom open in case you can’t make it in person that day (pretty nice if you don’t want to start your car on a colder day!) UAF is best known for natural sciences & engineering & mining, & NRM. ⁠

I live in a small but cozy “dry” (no running water) cabin in the woods with trails nearby! I like to ski, dog mush (for work & fun), metal smith at the campus studio, climb, and go to quite a few bonfire & sauna parties (unique AK things)! I’m a lifelong Alaskan who has lived other really cool places (Norway & Maui) but who can’t help but love AK. ⁠

The community in Fairbanks is unpretentious, less materialistic, & that’s what I love here.⁠


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