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I Found My Niche at University at Albany, SUNY

Student Name: Nailah

School: University at Albany, SUNY

Major: Psychology

I attend University at Albany. I am class of ‘26 and I’m a psychology major. I am a dancer, I dance with the Glamorous Goldenettes. I am an ASUBA model.⁠

This school is amazing and different in its own way. I love the way that it’s so diverse. There are so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds and everyone is welcome. I also love that this school has an appreciation for art. There are so many art courses and clubs that focus on art, things like dancing, music, and theatre.⁠

I don’t really like how some professors seem to not care that as students we still have personal issues that can come in the way of schoolwork and they don’t try to work with you. But the administration here are very helpful. The financial aid office, quad offices, and other offices are very useful and they get back to you very quickly when you need something. Overall, I love UAlbany.⁠


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