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I Found My Niche At UCR University of California – Riverside

Student Name: Shawna Sein

School: University of California – Riverside

Major: Sociology

“My name is Shawna Sein, and I’m a rising fourth year at UC Riverside. I’m a sociology major with hopes of becoming a physical therapist in the future. I’ve lived in California my whole life and knew that I wanted to attend a UC. When it was time for college tours, UC Riverside felt like home the second I stepped onto the campus.

When I first started at UCR, I knew I wanted a career in the healthcare field, but I wasn’t sure what. After volunteering at clinics and speaking to advisors, I found my passion in physical therapy. I chose a degree in sociology to understand the different societies and backgrounds people come from. I think my degree in sociology will help me understand people on a different level.

UC Riverside has given me so many great opportunities and friendships. I’m part of the First Generation Student Association, Hands on Healthcare, and I’ve served as a research assistant for the social psychology labs. I was supposed to study abroad this summer in London with my school’s program, but it was canceled due to the pandemic. However, I’m more than grateful to the students and staff who helped me on my application journey and I would encourage any future Highlanders to check out the many study abroad programs UCR has to offer!

The closer I get to graduation, the more fearful I am of the road of my future. It may sound cheesy, but I also get sad about the thought of leaving UCR. I’ve grown a lot as a person and met some amazing people. I’ve overcome so many hardships and UC Riverside will always feel like home to me. Although fearful, I know the future is filled with excitement and I am prepared for whatever life puts ahead of me.” – @sshays46

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