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I Found My Niche at The University of West Alabama

Kayla (a young woman with brown skin and brown hair) poses outside on the sidewalk. She wears a bright pink suit and holds a pink and green Alpha Kappa Alpha umbrella. She holds up her hand and makes an Alpha Kappa Alpha symbol.

Student Name: Kayla Holley

School: The University of West Alabama

Major: Engineering Technology

Greeting Everyone!! My name is Kayla Holley. I am a sophomore at The University of West Alabama majoring in Engineering Technology. One of the first things that captivated me about UWA was the family, friendly, and encouraging environment. The overall atmosphere is absolutely amazing.⁠

My freshman year, I was able to be a member of the dance team, selected as homecoming Freshman Maid, chosen to be a Student ambassador & Orientation Leader, crowned Miss Black and Gold, joined the most elegant sorority of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated, chosen for 2022-2023 SGA Attorney General, and selected to be an RA for the 2022-2023 year ALL while maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A. UWA is special, because it is one of the few colleges that gives you the opportunity to establish yourself and become a campus leader as a freshman.⁠

Although most people are hesitant about the rural location, there is always something to do on campus! Our campus activities are amazing. Attending The University of West Alabama was one of the best decisions I ever made!!! Go Tigers ❤️🐅 – @kaykay_holley

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