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I Found My Niche at The University of Texas – Tyler

Emily stands outside. She wears a navy blue cap and gown with a yellow tassle. She holds a sign that says "medical surgical UT Southwestern Aug 2021"

Student Name: Emily Perdomo

School: University of Texas – Tyler

Major: Nursing

“I am beyond excited and thrilled to be graduating this week! Honestly, the last 15 months have been extremely difficult going through nursing school during a pandemic, so to be able to cross the finish line in 2 days just feels AMAZING!⁠⁠
I never thought this day would come. Although this chapter is closing, I am thrilled and looking forward to beginning a new chapter. I will be moving from Tyler, my hometown, to the big city of Dallas, TX to work as a Nurse at UTSW. This is definitely going to be an adventure! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is taking the NCLEX exam but it is what it is 😂. ⁠⁠
The best highlight in college is getting to meet your lifelong friends! I have made genuine friends and we’ve had so many memories from late night study dates to coffee runs to going out for drinks. If I can get through nursing school in a pandemic, y’all can get through this!! Make college the best experience yet!”⁠⁠ –@emilyychristinaa

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