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I Found My Niche at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Student Name: Rylie Jenkins

School: University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Major: Nursing

“Hey Hello Hi 😺

I’m Rylie Jenkins! I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I currently attend UNC Charlotte as a freshman for pre-nursing!

This pandemic has played a major role for me and my college experience. Being a nursing major and having seven classes makes it hard to get out much, which makes it really hard to get into the college atmosphere.

On days when I can get out, I take full advantage of the city! My new favorite thing to do is go to drive-in concerts (that of course adhere by CDC’s Covid guidelines)! I have met some really awesome people from UNCC at these events!

I chose to go to UNC Charlotte based on the atmosphere. During my college search, many schools stuck out, but none that compared to UNCC’s modern vibe.

Going to school here has made many of my goals much more achievable due to the internship opportunities and the many connections you come in contact with. I am so glad I chose UNCC to further my education, and I am thankful the university is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their students, professors, and staff!”—@rylie_jenkins

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