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I Found My Niche at the University of California Santa Cruz

A man with dark curly hair slacklines over a sand pit. In the background is grass and trees. He is mid-air with his hands up and his legs and  sitting position. He wears a black shirt and tan pants.

Student Name: Raz

School: University of California – Santa Cruz

Major: Business Management Economics

“What’s up! My name is Raz and I’m a rising senior at UC Santa Cruz! I chose UCSC primarily for its location. The campus is beautifully located in the Redwood Forest of the Santa Cruz mountains with an incredible view of the ocean. Often, you’ll run into deer or turkeys while strolling through campus on your way to classes.⁠⁠
It’s a great school if you’re into any sort of outdoor activities like me. I spend most of my days slacklining by the athletics center outside of my old dorm! It’s through this that I was able to meet so many friendly people and build a small community of slackliners at school.⁠⁠
I’m majoring in Business Management Economics and plan to pursue a career in marketing. I chose this major in particular because I felt its curriculum was far more interesting than any other business-related major provided at the other UC schools. In addition, my passion is making music and UCSC is filled with incredible artists of all mediums, so finding musicians and creatives that I had a connection with was not hard.⁠⁠
Getting to know people on this campus is one of the easiest things to do since most of the people you will run into are super nice and easygoing.⁠⁠
CHOOSE UCSC!”⁠⁠ – @razmatazy

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