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I Found My Niche at the Manhattan School of Music

Annija, a fair-skinned young woman with blond hair, sits on a brown couch in front of a brick wall. She smiles at the camera while holding two large bouquets of flowers. She wears a blue dress.

Student Name: Annija Dziesma T.

School: Manhattan School of Music

Major: Classical Voice

“I currently go to Manhattan School of Music, a conservatory in New York, New York. I am a Classical Voice Student currently getting my Bachelors in Music. I am an emerging sophomore at my school just having finished my freshman year.⁠

I chose this school in specific because of the competitive atmosphere, supportive teachers, and the ability to not only pursue my career but study at the same time.⁠

It was originally really difficult to find people who shared their experiences in conservatory. I have been making vlogs on YouTube sharing my experience being not only in COVID, but also a freshman in conservatory. ⁠

It is extremely rigorous curriculum setting all students up for 20-40 year careers and some who are lucky even longer! I was always asked the question from others from where I was back home if I could even do this let alone move 3000 miles away, and the answer to that question is I can and I did.”⁠ – @dtdancesong

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