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I Found My Niche at The College of Idaho

Emily, a young woman with light skin, stands outside in a field of sunflowers. She smiles widely and brushes her hair back with one hand while holding a sunflower in the other. She wears jeans and a pink tank top.

Student Name: Emily

School: The College of Idaho

Major: Psychology

“Hello all! My name is Emily (she/her) and I’m currently a senior at The College of Idaho majoring in psychology. I am a student athlete and I currently work at a counseling center as an administrative assistant, so I’m a bit busy!

I’ve loved my entire experience here at the college. I never saw myself going to a big state school as the idea of 100+ people classes was…intimidating. So to say I am happy about our 30 person classes at C of I is an understatement. It allows me to connect with my professors and peers in a way that makes me excited to learn. I’m sure like everyone else, COVID did a number on me. I found myself not excited for school or life in general. A year of online made me realize how much I value the small and simple social interactions of everyday life. I missed people! I missed the unique school events like ISO Fest, WinterFest, and Spring Fling. I’ve never been more happy to go to school and to get to sit in a classroom and just feel a bit of normalcy again!

I think one of the craziest things about this whole college experience is I got to be a collegiate athlete in a sport I never did before! I played softball my whole life but as I neared college my passion for that sport was dying out; I felt no desire to pursue it at a collegiate level. I wasn’t ready to give up that identity as a student athlete. Thanks to my high school English teacher, Mr. Barclay, I was given the chance to throw for our Track & Field team and let me just say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I found not only a new passion but also a new family within my team. I’m really glad I took the chance at trying something new.

Finally, to anyone going into college or in college right now there’s one thing you should do: get involved! That can mean being on a team, joining/creating a club, doing volunteer work, helping conduct research, etc. It may seem scary but I promise you’re not the only one who’s afraid to put yourself out there. Use your 4-5 years of your undergrad to really explore what brings you joy in life, find your crowd or your passions, and run with them!” – @__emily.fox__

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