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I Found My Niche at Texas State University

Ella, a young woman with brown skin and black hair, holds a small white dog up to her face. She wears a sparkly gold dress and red graduation sash.

Student Name: Ella

School: Texas State University

Major: Public Relations

“So I absolutely love being a student at Texas State University. I love the campus and the overall vibe is very mellow. It’s a good mix of people who are academically driven and then those who are more socially driven. To me, it isn’t as big of a party school as the media makes it out to be but if you want to party here you can but you don’t have to. I highly recommend joining as many clubs and organizations because it makes it a lot easier to make friends. Texas State is a medium-sized campus, classes range from 50 to 300 so I really recommend joining things to make friends. ⁠

I’m a senior about to graduate and I am majoring in public relations and minoring in political science. I held three different positions in my sorority alpha gamma delta. I also did the club swim team at Texas State. I recommend starting off taking a small course load see what you can handle and then add more from there.⁠

Overall days are some of the best four years of my life I made amazing friends add great classes. One of the few negative things about going to Texas State is that you do have to compete with UT and UTSA students for internships and jobs and it can be hard comparing yourself to UT which is more of a brand name school but it is easier to excel at a smaller school like Texas State and create a reputation and name for yourself. I would say take advantage of being in a smaller school and make more connections and you can make more meaningful connections with alumni and professors.”⁠ – @ellaparrtierney

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