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I Found My Niche At Texas A&M University

Student Name: Aleigha Cymone

School: Texas A&M University

Major: Business Administration

“I’m Aleigha Cymone, and I’m a sophomore at Texas A&M University-Commerce. I am a Resident Assistant on campus majoring in Business Administration. As a freshman, I came in as part of a program called First Year Leadership Class (FLC). This program allowed me to make relationships with people that I otherwise wouldn’t have, which was great for me because I am naturally quiet and reserved and I missed home. With friends from FLC, I was encouraged to go to events and try new things. Eventually, I began to open up and talk to other people around campus.

In February, I decided that I would get outside of my comfort zone and participate in an event called “The Soul Fest” where people showcase their talents/businesses. From the reactions I received that day, I realized that I needed to change my major as well as begin to take my art seriously. I chose my major specifically to enhance my knowledge of running my own art business on a large scale.

I have launched my new business and will continue to use all the resources of my school to keep moving forward!” – @acymonec


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