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I Found My Niche at Sweet Briar College

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Student Name: Trista Cleaves

School: Sweet Briar College

Major: Psychology

Hello! My name is Trista Cleaves, and I am a sophomore at Sweet Briar College majoring in Psychology with a minor in Studio Art. I also play soccer and lacrosse for Sweet Briar.

I will say there is a learning curve during the first and second semesters of your first year attending; getting used to being on an all Women’s campus is not easy. But, all things considered- our campus has an on site health clinic and therapists at the ready to tackle all things from a cold to boughts of anxiety and depression.

Sweet Briar is over a hundred years old, and the traditions are what keeps it together. The campus is incredibly fruitful, and the sunsets are truly tear-jerking. The people I have met through the sports I play and the classes I take are some of the best people I have ever met. They care; you ARE a priority at Sweet Briar. If you are active in this community, you will reep the rewards tenfold.

As a first year, you will mostly be in CORE classes or classes pertaining to a field you are interested in (you don’t have to declare a major until your junior year). I started my first year wanting to major in engineering, and Sweet Briar gave me the flexibility to not only switch my major, but to also have a minor, and I’m still going to graduate within my 4 year time slot.

I am so grateful for all the professors and coaches I’ve had so far– due to the small class sizes professor’s get to know you and help you personally. This means fantastic letters of recommendation from each professor when you get to the working world. Also, the number of internships found and provided by professors and members of the community is vast. Sweet Briar is home to many, but most importantly, it’s my happy place!


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