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I Found My Niche at SUNY Potsdam

Madeline (a young woman with light skin and brown curly hair) poses in front of a colorful mural. She wears a black tank and black and white patterned pants.

Student Name: Madeline Santana

School: SUNY Potsdam

Major: Criminal Justice, Sociology, Women Gender Studies

Hi! My name is Madeline Santana and I am a current student at SUNY Potsdam. I am currently majoring in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Women Gender Studies. When choosing a college to go to I knew from the start that I wanted to go far away since I lived in the city. When visiting Potsdam, it showed me the community that it has and how everyone knows each other. ⁠

I knew I always wanted to do clubs or greek life so therefore I rushed Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa) my freshman year and it has been wonderful since then. Last school year (2021-22) I was actually President and it was a wonderful time! I have gotten many opportunities and many networking strategies. It is a home away from home. With being in a sorority, it has made me more confident and it is now easier to talk to new people and socialize and make connections. I have also been a resident assistant since August 2020 and it has been a wonderful time helping out others and just being a friend to all the residents.⁠

Suny Potsdam has its pros and cons.⁠
Some of the pros are:⁠
– Meeting new people ⁠
– Having a new environment ⁠
– Exploring the town daily ⁠
– A lot of activities/ lots of clubs and organizations! ⁠
– Pretty small school so everything is close by ⁠
– Far away if you live in the city or around it⁠
– Winters are bad, but if you like the cold you’ll fit right in!

– @maddi_santana

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