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I Found My Niche at Suffolk University

Anna (a young woman with tan skin and brown hair) leans against a lamp post in a park area during the fall.

Student Name: Anna Solomon

School: Suffolk University

Major: Psychology

So I actually just transferred to Suffolk University this past fall semester as a Junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Law and I couldn’t be more proud and excited to go there. I chose to transfer there because I felt like I’d have so many more academic opportunities, social opportunities, and potential job opportunities.⁠

The classes are great, I feel like my professors really care about my experience and I’ve learned so much already just from being here for one year. At my old school, I was never involved at all in terms of extracurriculars or clubs or even just attending events, and here at Suffolk, I am a lot. I’m involved in Greek life and am in the Theta Phi Alpha sorority there and I absolutely love it. I feel so welcomed and cared about and I love my sisters!⁠

Going to school right in the middle of Boston is so fun and there’s always something to do! It’s nice being around diversity and you always have the opportunity to meet new people everywhere you go. It’s such a fun time. I’m so thankful to have transferred there :))⁠ – @annavsol

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