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Stetson University student poses with peace sign

I Found My Niche At Stetson University

Student: Morgan Payne

School: Stetson University

Major: Health Science

“I’m Morgan Payne and I’m a sophomore at Stetson University. My major is health science on the pre-medical track with a violin music minor. Going to college as a first-generation American in my family was kind of a big deal. When you come from a long line of Jamaican immigrants who were limited in opportunities, your eyes are more open to the amount of privilege you are blessed with.

Not all have the chance to gain such a great education and I am grateful for that. At Stetson University, I am lucky to have so many amazing science teachers that help me further my goal towards going to medical school. The classwork is rigorous, but I always have superiors I can go to. Not only that, but there are so many amazing extracurricular programs like @stetson_cheer and @sutophats that I am able to be a part of to clear my mind from daily college stress. Being located in a small town in Florida allows for the students to become very familiar and I couldn’t have chosen a better school 💫” –@morganzolanski

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