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I Found My Niche at St. Catherine University

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Student Name: Kallie Tuominen

School: St. Catherine University

My name is Kallie Tuominen and I am a junior at St. Kates. I have loved my time and experience at St. Catherine’s. There is such a strong sense of community amongst the students and professors that you don’t find a lot of other places. In the city, it provides a very safe experience where you can get an accredited education. The small campus feel is great and everything in the Highland Park area is a short walk!

I am a junior captain in the soccer team here and love the athletic department and the community we have built. Everyone is so supportive of one another, consistently showing up to other sporting events and showing Wildcat pride. Although we are an all-girls school, we do well athletically and place high amongst the conference and making national tournament runs! I am also on The Hidden Opponent board where we focus on opening up the conversation for athletes advocation of their mental health.
Go Wildcats!


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