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I Found My Niche at St. Catherine University

Student Name: Melanie Vang

School: St. Catherine University

Major: Business Administration

My name is Melanie Vang, first year student majoring in Business administration and minoring in spanish. I’m an Intern for the Ann Bancroft Foundation and apart of St. Kates BIPOC Just LEAD program.

St. Kates is a very small all womens private college, but I believe they stand true to their model of “Educating women to lead and influence”. There are so many professors and resources here. I love the career development center, and the leadership opportunities here are so expanisive, St. Kates really does prepare women for future leadership.

Though a relatively small campus, it has a beautiful pond that I visited when I was a child at st. kates, little did I know I would be attending college here. There isnt much of a “party” scene but there a so many cute social events where you can just hangout with students and connect! For example, theres a hot chocolate and coloring book social event coming up soon. All events are feel good vibes, I like it a lot.


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