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I Found My Niche at Southeastern University

Bianca stands outside of a set of stairs. She wears a black grad cap, a white suit, and a red and blue sash.

Student Name: Bianca Slater

School: Southeastern University

Major: Music Education

“I’m super excited for graduation! This chapter at Southeastern has been a blessing for my life and I am so thankful I have come as far as I have. I have met some lifelong friends and biggest mentors at this university. I’m actually going to be staying at the university working full-time in their financial aid department as well as pursuing a Master’s degree. ⁠⁠
Some of my highlights have been:⁠⁠
– Serving on Commuter Life Residence Team from 2018-2020⁠⁠
– Serving as Social Outreach chair for our NAfME Collegiate Chapter from 2019-2020⁠⁠
– Serving as Secretary for our NAfME Collegiate Chapter from 2020-2021⁠⁠
-Traveling overseas to Northern and Southern Ireland on a choir tour during the summer of 2019⁠⁠
Overall, the advice I would give to someone who is preparing for graduation and this transition phase is this: This time is supposed to be painful. You are changing and molding into something new. Embrace the pain, and push through till the end. The end result is so worth it!”⁠⁠ –@bianca.lynai

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