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I Found My Niche at Seattle Pacific University

 Bella, a young woman with tan skin and black hair, kneels down in a parking spot in a garage. She wears jeans, a white tank, and a red flannel.

Student Name: Bella

School: Seattle Pacific University

“Hi, I’m Bella and I attend Seattle Pacific University, and I am a freshman! It is in the heart of Seattle which is one of the main reasons why I chose to go to this university. It is five bus stops away from Pike Place market along with one bus right away to University of Washington.⁠

As someone that grew up in a small town I really enjoyed the small class sizes with ratios of 13 students to one professor. I find my relationships with my professors and staff is close-knit and they genuinely care about you!⁠

One thing that Seattle Pacific University is working on is to become more inclusive and working on their human sexuality statement for people in the LGBTIA+ community, since their statement has been disheartening they are making steps to become better. There has been misinformation from upper-management to the student body. Since the majority of the students would like the ‘statement to be changed’ they have arranged a group to work on making it more inclusive.⁠

I think if you’re looking to be in the heart of Seattle and be able to get a good education the school is definitely a great opportunity and provides many opportunities to learn and also to study abroad.”⁠ – @vanillakitkats

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