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I Found My Niche at Savannah College of Art and Design

Student Name: Ayden Behn

School: Savannah College of Art and Design

Major: Performing Arts

“I grew up in a very small town where it was complicated to find many chances to practice my art. However, I used my motivation and my passion to drive me to find every single opportunity possible.

Whether or not it was one of the many masterclasses I’ve attended virtually, or the 40+ productions I’ve been in, each one has taught me so much about my craft.

Once I discovered SCAD, I knew immediately it would be where I wanted to complete my Performing Arts degree with a focus in film.

What I love about SCAD is that regardless of whether in person or online, they’re constantly helping you grow. I can attend online sessions with industry professionals, access resources to learn even more about acting, and get to make as many connections as possible.

SCAD truly cares about the success of its students. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for my acting career in the coming years, and I’m so glad I get to be at SCAD during it.”—@aydenbehn @scaddotedu

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