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I Found My Niche at Salve Regina University

Kaleigh, a young woman with light skin and brown hair, sits in a field of yellow daffodils. She rests her head in her hand and looks off to the side.

Student Name: Kaleigh

School: Salve Regina University

Major: Cultural + Historic Preservation, Anthropology

“Hey! I’m Kaleigh, and I’m a freshman Cultural + Historic Preservation and Anthropology double major at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI.⁠

Salve is an incredible place to make friends and it’s never boring. Just this year, I’ve been to 2 concerts, a masquerade ball in a gilded age mansion, and countless other amazing on campus events. Salve is also on the ocean, so I always go to the beach or into Newport with my friends when the weather is nice.⁠

Class sizes are small, so you’ll always know your professors personally. They really work with you and will go out of their way to help you succeed and make connections. I’m going on an archaeological dig over the summer because of it! I take classes in historic mansions with ocean views, and most upperclassmen housing is based in beautiful historic properties as well!⁠

Overall, I really love SRU! I’ve made lifelong friendships and created some of my most valuable memories here. I can’t imagine spending my college experience anywhere else. Go Seahawks! <3″⁠ – @kaleightrischman

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