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I Found My Niche at Salisbury University

Student Name: Ella Fedor

School: Salisbury University

Major: Exercise Science

Hey everyone! My name is Ella Fedor and I am a sophomore exercise science major with sports medicine minor at Salisbury University. Salisbury is a great school, but just like other schools, there are pros and cons I would love to share! ⁠

– The campus is wonderful. It is a very good size, with every building being in walking distance from each other. ⁠
– There are so many clubs, Greek life and sports to join, so you never will get bored!⁠
– They offer many different opportunities depending on your major, and a wide variety of majors to choose from!⁠
– Professors are very involved and want the best for you!⁠
– The curriculum is challenging, allowing you to always learn more.⁠
– Students and faculty members are so kind, and are always willing to talk and help. ⁠
– There are many opportunities to help prepare for your future⁠
– Buildings are beautiful with tons of places for quiet space and studying -> the library is my favorite!⁠

– While the campus is very nice and safe, the city of Salisbury is not the safest. ⁠
– The food can always be better, but it honestly isn’t too bad!⁠
– Depending on the professor, some may be difficult to work and communicate with.⁠

If anyone has questions, feel free to DM me!⁠ – @ellafedor

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