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I Found My Niche at Prairie View A&M University

Sharea (a young woman with brown skin and brown curly hair) stands on the sidewalk outside a glass building. She wears a brown dress, black grad cap, and white sash.

Student Name: Sharea Marie Washington

School: Prairie View A&M University

Major: Architecture

“Hey yall! My name is Sharea Marie Washington and I will be receiving my B.S. in Architecture from Prairie View A&M University. Honestly, Prairie View was not my first choice but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I only knew a couple of people entering my freshman year but as soon I stepped on campus sure enough everything changed. Prairie View understands the difficulties freshmen go through making friends which is why they created Panther Camp, a week-long event for freshmen before the start of classes so you have time to make new friends and learn about the University. If it wasn’t for this I probably wouldn’t have met all my wonderful friends and created lifelong memories. ⁠

Although every school has its pros and cons, overall I think Prairie View is an excellent school. There’s always going to be that difficult professors but with so many great professors who really want to see you succeed you learn to push through. With Prairie View being such a small town there is nothing around ⁠expect the University but fortunately, there are always plenty of campus activities going on. I fully recommend Prairie View to anyone looking for a new experience and great education.”⁠ – @curlyreaa

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