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I Found My Niche at Pomona College

 Ben, a young man with light skin and brown curly hair, stands outside. Behind him is a sunset view and greenery and trees. He smiles widely at the camera and wears black pants, a white button up, a black tie, and black suspenders.

Student Name: Ben

School: Pomona College

Major: Undecided

“Hi guys! My name is Ben and I’m a sophomore at Pomona College. I’m still undecided in my major but am looking to study both History and Environmental Analysis in the coming years. Last summer, I volunteered for the U.S. Green Building Council, and I’m an intern for Pomona’s admissions office.⁠

External pressure is a huge hurdle when deciding on where to go for college, and I feel like it’s especially easy to compare yourself with others with all our access to social media and the internet. I remember thinking I knew absolutely nothing about what I wanted to do with my life when I was 16, and yet feeling like I needed to decide right then and there to make myself seem like a better candidate for admissions. The only thing I knew was that I liked to write, so I tried to create a track for myself in which I would become an English major, get a book published before I graduate, and work from there.⁠

The biggest thing I learned after going to Pomona for a year was that it is in fact okay to have no idea what your path in life will be (especially when you’re still in high school). That publishing route wasn’t even something I really wanted to do, and now I’ve found my passion in sustainability just from taking a class with an amazing professor. Pomona loves students that love learning for the sake of learning, not just for the sake of getting a degree. Even though the world seems like it’s falling apart during the admissions process, my biggest advice to prospective students is to relax and really consider what school supports you as a person, not just as a major.”⁠ – @benbarg8

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