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I Found My Niche at Penn State University

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Student Name: James Friebert

School: Penn State University

Major: Rehabilitation and Human Services

“Hi! My name is James Friebert (he/him) and I am a freshman at Penn State University! I chose to attend Penn State because it is a very well-known and reputable school. At first, I wanted to go to a small school but when I did my tour at Penn State, I immediately fell in love! Penn State has so many upbeats and opportunities. I am majoring in rehabilitation and human services and minoring in psychology. I am very interested in pursuing my career as a mental health counselor or social worker and I know Penn State can help me achieve my dream with all the wonderful classes I’m currently taking that will help me gain more knowledge about mental health.⁠

Going to college in the middle of a pandemic has definitely been a challenge. It’s very different not being in the classroom with your classmates, not having any sporting activities/tailgating, etc. However, there is a lot of virtual activities, CAPS (Counseling & Psychological Services), and most importantly, Penn State has done a terrific job of keeping students and faculty safe! They really care about everyone’s safety and do everything in their power to provide resources for the students and staff.⁠

Here at Penn State, WE ARE a big family and community! The campus is gorgeous, the people are extremely amazing and passionate about what they’re interested in pursuing, and the professors and staff provide so many opportunities to help prepare students for their future careers. I have met some of the most amazing, talented, and caring people here! Your circle of friends helps to make a big school seem smaller and the people you see every day honestly start to seem like a second family. Everyone has something unique about themselves and it’s so nice to be in an environment where there is a lot of diversity and acceptance!⁠

Even though I am a freshman, my first semester of college was a memorable one. I am planning on joining clubs that will help make my college experience even better so I can build my leadership skills and even build on my own in the future!”—@james.friebert

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