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I Found My Niche at Oklahoma State University

Michal, a young woman with brown skin and long brown braids, stands in the bleachers of a basketball court. Behind her are bright orange stadium seats and a basketball court full of players. She looks at the camera as she points back at the court with one hand. She wears black pants and a grey crew neck that says "Oklahoma State" in orange letters.

Student Name: Michal Sutton

School: Oklahoma State University

Major: Psychology

“Hello, my name is Michal Sutton. I am a senior at Oklahoma State University set to graduate in December 2021. I will be graduating with my BA in psychology. I have also already pursued an associate’s degree at Connors State College.⁠

I chose Oklahoma State University because it is an honor to go to the school with the brightest orange (go pokes) and I was easily able to transfer from Connors State College. My favorite professor would have to be Dr. Wingate. She is actually Oklahoma State University’s first Black faculty staff member and is in the psychology department. She has always been a great mentor to me and other students, and she was also my mentor when I was in the organization serving as Treasurer in the Association of Black Psychologists (also known as ABPsi). ⁠

My favorite moments so far of going to Oklahoma State University are experiencing the college bars, college parties, meeting new people from around the country, and making new friends. Overall, I love Oklahoma State University 🍊🧡”⁠ – @michal_sutton

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