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I Found My Niche at Ohio Northern University

A young woman in Ohio Northern University merch stands in front of a boulder painted to say "Northern Welcomes You Home"

Student Name: Sophia Turk

School: Ohio Northern University

Major: Psychology, Sociology

Hello! My name is Sophia Turk and I will be going into my sophomore year at Ohio Northern University this fall. I am a Psychology major with a minors in Dance and Applied Statistics. However I am going to pick up a second major in Sociology and minor in Communication Studies as well! I’m involved in lab research and the theatre program as well!

I was a bit lost trying to find a college that I felt suited my needs best. I found Ohio Northern a few months into my second semester as a senior in high school and I am so thankful I did. I immediately felt at home on campus. Personally, I see Ohio Northern as an extremely community central university. It has a relatively small student body, which makes it really easy to get to know other students and have a strong relationship with the professors. This atmosphere has allowed me to blossom and figure out who I am and where I want to go with my career, as well as building connections and a professional network! There are so many opportunities at Ohio Northern to take advantage of that will allow you to grow in a positive and nurturing environment. I am thankful for my choice everyday and am so glad that I have been given the opportunity to share my experience with you all!


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