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I Found My Niche at Ohio Dominican University

Student Name: Kevin James

School: Ohio Dominican University

Major: Business Administration

What’s up everyone! My name is Kevin James and I’m a Freshman at Ohio Dominican University. I am a Business administration major and I’m on the ODU Men’s Basketball team. I’m very fortunate with the decision I chose to come here. I’ve made a lot of new friends and really enjoy the city of Columbus! ⁠

My experience in the classroom has been great here at ODU because of the positive atmosphere among students and faculty. Being at a college with such a small number of students has really helped me because of the bond I’ve been able to make with my professors. Although it’s a small college, the city of Columbus doesn’t make it feel like it! There’s always something to do during the week or on the weekend which is really good for students that have free time. Overall, I love the decision I made to choose Ohio Dominican University.⁠ – @kevin.james_3

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