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I Found My Niche at Newark Collegiate Academy

Bryan stands against a brown background holding a football. The logos of many colleges cover the photo and at the bottom are the words "scholarship amount: $1,687,924"

Student Name: Bryan Castro

School: Newark Collegiate Academy

“Hey! My name is Bryan Castro and I was born and raised (and still live) in Newark, NJ. I attend Newark Collegiate Academy and I am a senior in the class of 2021. My college search started when I was a sophomore when college coaches started contacting me about possible recruitment. Little did I know what would come from that first email.⁠⁠
But let me rewind for a second. The reason I was so into sports and eventually college was because of my mother. She raised me and my siblings as a single parent and I saw firsthand the struggles she went through to support us. There were nights where she went to sleep hungry because she couldn’t afford to feed herself but she always, ALWAYS, made sure that all of us ate and we never went to sleep hungry. It was because of those experiences when I was a kid that I told myself I would work to make sure she never had to worry about paying for college for me so all the money she ever made would go to her and my other siblings.⁠⁠
Fast forward to November 2020 when I applied to my first college. One college turned into two, two into three, and it kept going. As of April 19th, I have been accepted into 27 colleges and universities and I have accumulated just under $1,700,000 in scholarships and grants from 25 of those 27 schools.⁠⁠
The message I have for younger people or people who are in bad situations or feel like they’re stuck in a situation is that there’s always a way out. I watched my mother struggle and cry to support us, and it made me want to make sure she never had to go through that. It pushed me to be great. I hope that one day, everyone reading this can say the same in their own way.”⁠⁠ –@bfcxvii

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