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I Found My Niche at New Mexico Tech

A group of students posing together in front of a storage container.

Student Name: Simon

School: New Mexico Tech

Major: Math

New Mexico Tech is definitely the school to go to if you genuinely want to learn about STEM and apply it in research positions. It’s got good classes + resources, and the small population makes it easy to recognize people everywhere and build a community.

Its course load is not for the faint of heart. Almost everyone I know is suffering with mental health because of the homework here. There are some really cool people here, but there are also a lot of creepy/weird guys because that’s the main demographic of STEM schools. If you’re a talented STEM student interested in this school, my advice is to be as social as you can at the start of the year so you can find a good group of people to explore the campus with!

I’m a 3rd year Math major with a Computer Science minor. I’m the singer in a band here, I was VP of the Barbell Club, I’m a founding member of the Kappa Sigma frat, and I’m a starter for the Varsity Rocket League team. I’m also very involved socially on campus!


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