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I Found My Niche at Mississippi Valley State University

Jaylon, a young woman with brown skin and brown hair, poses in front of a brick wall. She smiles over her shoulder and wears a red and green softball uniform.

Student Name: Jaylon Davis

School: Mississippi Valley State University

Major: Biology

“Hi, my name is Jaylon Davis and I’m a senior at Mississippi Valley State University! I currently play softball here and I’m a Biology Major. The reason I chose to be a Biology Major is because it was a stepping stone to becoming a pharmacist. I am currently accepted into the Pharmacy program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. ⁠

I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences during my 4 years at Valley. Playing softball with my teammates has helped me make a lot of lifelong friends. Especially because Valley is an HBCU, I’ve met a lot of people that I can really relate to. Homecoming every year is also a lot of fun! Even though Valley is a small campus, it has a family atmosphere and the college experience here is really what you make it! I recommend going to Mississippi Valley State!❤️💚⁠”⁠ – @jaylondavis_

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