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I Found My Niche at Mississippi College

A young man poses with Mississippi College's mascot.

Student Name: Jameson Cook

School: Mississippi College

Major: Pre-Dental Biology

Hey, my name is Jameson Cook! I will be a senior this fall at Mississippi College. I am a Pre-Dental Biology major, and I am minoring in Biochemistry and Business Administration. I will also be the Student Body President this coming year.

I think of three things when I think about MC: faith, relationships, and education. I wanted so badly to go to a school rooted in biblical faith. It is evident that at Mississippi College, Christ is at the center of it all. You see Him from the small organizations all the way through the institution as a whole. Another great aspect is the multitudes of opportunity handed to you. It is so easy to be involved. Through my involvement, I have connected with so many students and facility members. MC strives for its students to connect with others and to build relationships. Finally, I believe MC’s education is second to none; that is what you should look for in a college. With a great team of facility, MC provides a unique education where you are able to feel prioritized in your academic journey. Academic advisors, and every teacher you take, strive to make relationships with you and point you toward your personalized success. I have loved my time here! MC is the place for you!


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