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I Found My Niche at Marymount University

Monica sits on a concrete bench on the side of a fountain. She wears a white dress, a blue grad cap, a blue sash that says "I graduate" and graduation cords.

Student Name: Monica Barrera

School: Marymount University

Major: Biochemistry

“Hello everyone, my name is Monica Barrera and I recently graduated from Marymount University with a bachelor’s in Biochemistry and Pre-Med minor. As a first-generation Latina, the journey was not easy, but with the support of my family and the Marymount community, I was able to overcome many obstacles and finish strong!⁠⁠
I am excited to start the next chapter in life at Georgetown University’s Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MS program to pursue a career in forensics and later enter the medical field. I’m super excited for this opportunity and I look forward to meeting my future Hoya family. Congrats, class of 2021!”⁠⁠ –@monica_0741

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