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I Found My Niche at Lyon College

Kaytlin, a young woman with light skin and brown hair, stands in a bathroom with a white tile wall behind her. She has on hand on her tip and the other on her chest. She wears black pants, a blue and white tie-dye crew neck, and glasses.

Student Name: Kaytlin

School: Lyon College

Major: Political Science, Psychology

“Hello!! My name is Kaytlin and I am a sophomore at Lyon College! I am double majoring in political science and psychology with a pre-law concentration. After I graduate with my bachelor’s, I am planning to go on to law school and pursue a career within the legal field.⁠

Originally, one of the main requirements that I had when picking colleges was to be surrounded by city life; however, I could not have chosen something farther from that. With that in mind though, I have absolutely no regrets in my decision as I have made so many lifelong friends during my time here. Also, Lyon College has a good track record for undergraduates getting accepted into law schools, so there’s that too.⁠

My freshman year started just a few months after COVID-19 hit, so there I was starting this new and exciting experience from inside my home. However, once my campus opened back up, I started making memories that I will never forget. Without a doubt, college is the best experience that I have ever had. Despite some negative experiences, there have been just as many ups (if not more) as there have been downs.”⁠ – @kaytlinwheeler

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