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I Found My Niche at Lycoming College

Maddie (a young woman with light skin and brown hair) poses in front of a blue painted banner for Gamma Delta Sigma bid day.

Student Name: Maddie Chester

School: Lycoming College

Major: Psychology

Hi, my name is Maddie Chester and I am a junior at Lycoming College studying psychology with a minor in criminal justice. I am involved in a variety of things on Lycoming’s campus such as Gamma Delta Sigma, Campus Activities Board (CAB), and my two jobs the Keiper Rec Center and the Costume Shop.

Lycoming is a very small liberal arts school in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It has roughly 1,200 students. Once you attended Lyco you really get to know a lot of people. My freshman year was a struggle meeting new friends and doing activities that I enjoyed mostly because of the covid restrictions that were in place at the time. Currently, we do not have any covid restrictions which in all honesty makes meeting people so much easier.

The parties I have attended are super fun and since we don’t have covid restrictions anymore they barely get the attention of security. We have a lot of active voices on campus that prospective students can connect with including the amazing clubs we have on campus. The professors I have had classes with are great and since we are such a small tight-knit campus they are understanding with everything and help you out so much. Our sports teams give exactly what they need to give. We may be a D3 school but the games are always interesting to watch and we love cheering our players on.

Okay so the food… it’s really a hit or miss. Our cafeteria staff are amazing and they try really hard but sometimes the food just isn’t what you are looking for but on the bright side our cafe is newly renovated and we started growing our own produce! And for my final note, our campus is a beautiful site with close proximity classes and buildings. My dorm is all the way across campus and I still get to class within five minutes (I also walk fast lol). Along with a lovely campus, we also have a good variety of things to do around Williamsport including bars, clubs, axe throwing, and the strip where the majority of the fast-food and stores are located. Lycoming has served a great purpose to me and many other students and we wish to see you here. – @maddiekchester

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