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I Found My Niche at Loyola University Maryland

Dominique stands against a bright blue sky. She wears a fuzzy pink sweater, a pink headband, and carries a yellow tote bag. Her hands are behind her head.

Student Name: Dominique Allen

School: Loyola University Maryland

Major: Computer Science

“Hi! I’m Dominique and I’m a freshman at Loyola University Maryland. So far, my experience at Loyola has been great! Although we are doing hybrid classes, my professors and school are doing their best to make the most out of our first-year experience. I chose Loyola mainly because of the financial aid, but it soon became a second home. They provided me with plenty of opportunities, small classes, new friends, and even a beautiful campus.⁠

I’m a Computer Science major and am part of CPAMS scholars program for Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics/Statistics majors. There have definitely been a lot of obstacles and my most recent obstacle is finals week. The best thing I can do right now is prepare for what’s ahead, reach out for help when needed, and maintain a positive attitude.⁠

Going to college in a pandemic has definitely been an ordeal, especially since it’s my first year, but I’m making the best of it, and I’m excited for the fall semester. :)”⁠ –@d.ominiqueallen

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