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I Found My Niche at Loyola University Chicago

Student Name: Marisa Panella

School: Loyola University Chicago

Major: Journalism

Hi! My name is Marisa Panella. I am a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago studying journalism. I currently live in an on campus apartment. The dorms are Loyola are actually really nice, there are just pretty strict guest policies and the food on campus is god awful.⁠

However, I absolutely love Loyola!! I am on the rugby team and am in the sorority ADPi. I love Loyola because there is just so much to do in Chicago and the public transportation is amazing for getting out and about. My friends and I love to go out downtown, whether it’s food, shopping, clubs, or bars, Chicago really has it all. Loyola is a pretty small school and I feel like through getting involved I’ve formed a great little community. I see my friends all over campus and really feel like I belong. I have had really fantastic professors so far and have really enjoyed my coursework. Loyola has a ton of great professors and offers a huge variety of classes. Loyola also has a stunning campus right on the water.⁠

I love being in Chicago and I would definitely recommend checking it out to anyone looking for a big city school! It’s been such a blast and I’m so glad I picked Loyola.⁠


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