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I Found My Niche at Lindenwood University

Student Name: Nicole

School: Lindenwood University

Major: Environmental Science

Hi! I’m Nicole, and I go to Lindenwood University as a freshman (St Charles, Missouri). My major is environmental science and I may potentially minor in security studies or international affairs. The professors I’ve had already are so kind. They are willing to answer any questions you have about the coursework. The tutors are extremely helpful as well. Our campus is stunning at all times of the year. Everyone I’ve met so far is also welcoming; I come from out of state so meeting new friends was a breeze.⁠

There are a few downsides in my opinion. There are a LOT of uphill walks and that can be strenuous on hot Missouri days or for the disabled. Campus dining is good but sometimes the grubhub gets overwhelmed and you have to order dinner/food very early.⁠

If you’re looking for a small sized school that has it all: LU is for you! Go lions!! 🦁⁠ – @panarinbread112

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