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I Found My Niche at Lincoln University of PA

Kamiya (a young woman with brown skin and black hair) poses in a corner wearing tan leggings and a green letterman jacket.

Student Name: Kamiya Yates

School: Lincoln University of PA

Major: Health Science

Hey guys! My name is Kamiya Yates and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I am a senior at the 1st HBCU Lincoln University majoring in health science. I chose health science as my major because growing up I was introduced to a lot of sports and injuries so I’m very interested in treating athletes who have been hurt to get them right back on their feet again. ⁠

I decided to attend Lincoln University because it wasn’t too far from home and it was also affordable compared to other schools. Lincoln definitely grew on me being that I was used to such a big city, I kinda had to adapt to being in the middle of nowhere lol. ⁠

Let’s not forget about how talented the students are on campus… you have great photographers, dancers, singers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs and more. Overall I love Lincoln University. 🧡💙⁠

My HBCU has been amazing to me from the advisors who help in tremendous ways to even the cafe when I’m low on food in my room. But what I’m most thankful for are my Lincoln friends that turned into family. I will love and Cherish them forever! ⁠

The best experiences at Lincoln have to be homecoming week and a week in April we like to call spring fling. Alumni, friends and family all attend with good vibes which is exactly why I love my HBCU, it’s like a big family. ⁠

– @ms_k_mya

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