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I Found My Niche at Johnson & Wales University

Irene, a young woman with tan skin and brown hair, stands in front of a coniferous tree smiling.

Student Name: Irene Murz

School: Johnson & Wales University

Major: Cyber Threat Intelligence and Defense Major

“Hi everyone! My name is Irene Murz and I’m a rising junior at Johnson and Wales University as a Cyber Threat Intelligence and Defense Major. I’m originally from Philly but chose my college in Providence for the city life and the great food.⁠

Johnson and Wales University is known mainly for its Culinary or Hospitality schools but their Engineering and Science majors are also doing great things! New majors are getting created every semester; if you didn’t know, JWU is one of the only schools that has a Cannabis Entrepreneurship Major for your BA Degree.⁠

I chose JWU because they make it easy for you to be involved with the school community. I have a professor helping me get a work-study job on campus to help students out. I am also a gymnast and a cheerleader for my D3 college. It was pretty easy to meet new people and make sure I have a fun time at college.⁠

Some professors can be a little annoying but (majority of the time) they are willing to meet with you to fix whatever issues you have with their class. Another pro about JWU is that my biggest lecture is 30 students to 1 professor. JWU’s ratio between students and professors is amazing.⁠

I would definitely say give JWU a chance if it popped up in your life. At least come up for a tour & I’ll tell you where to get good food at. Come be my new best friend, I’m here for another 2 years:)⁠”⁠ – @iirene.rrose

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