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I Found My Niche at Johnson University

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Student Name: Parker Whiteside

School: Johnson University

Major: Preaching and Church Leadership

Hey what’s up, my name is Parker Whiteside. I am from Greenwood, IN and I am a Senior at Johnson University, TN. There, I have studied Preaching and Church Leadership with a concentration in Youth Ministry.

I just wanted to share a few words about the university I chose to do life at for the last almost four years.

Johnson University changed my life. If you’re looking for a school where the dorm life is incredible, you’re consistently heard and loved by every single staff member and professor, people are kind/genuine in faith, and You can experience some of the best traditions ever — JOHNSON UNIVERSITY, TN IS FOR YOU!

Something I really want to note is that the Smoky Mountains are right next door to us (hiking is amazing), you’re 20 minutes from University of Tennessee and their campus life is super welcoming to UT fans, and Johnson is also the place I meant my fiancé, Emma — pictured above is where I proposed which is 20 minutes from JUTN.

One of the things I will say to all freshman is that the first semester is hard to love at some points because at JU you’re not taking many major specific classes your first semester there… my advice is this, KEEP GOING, GET CONNECTED, and HAVE FUN!

Wherever you end up going, college is whatever YOU make it! Remember that. Come to JUTN if you desire to feel wanted


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