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I Found My Niche at Indiana Wesleyan University

Leeya, a young woman with light skin and blond hair, stands in front of a white stone wall. She wears jeans and a brown shirt.

Student Name: Leeva

School: Indiana Wesleyan University

Major: Visual Communication Design

“Hi everyone, my name is Leeya! I am currently a sophomore at Indiana Wesleyan University studying Visual Communication Design (which is a fancier version of graphic design). ⁠

Before I visited IWU, I did not expect to end up here. I actually told my mom on my visit, ‘I don’t know why we’re visiting here. I’m not going here.’ With that being said, IWU exceeded all my expectations. As a faith-based institution, IWU facilitates intentional community and a more intimate student body. The classes have no more than 30 students, so learning is personal and the professors here genuinely care for us as individuals so much. IWU has helped me realize my potential and given me so much hope to accomplish my dreams. ⁠

This year has been one of rediscovery for me, as it is my first year as a retired athlete. I have been able to focus on pursuing my art and expanding my mind, I have made friends better than I could have ever imagined, and I am surrounded by a community of so much love and support.⁠”⁠ – @leeyazander

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