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I Found My Niche at Illinois Wesleyan University

Luke (a young man with light skin, long brown hair, and a beard) sits at a table outside, a sandwich sitting in front of him. He wears a black tee.

Student Name: Luke Martin

School: Illinois Wesleyan University

Major: Political Science

My name is Luke Martin, I’m a junior political science major at Illinois Wesleyan University. I chose IWU because of the friendly and kind campus community, liberal arts curriculum, and excellent athletic department. I also loved the beautiful quad in the middle of campus and the small class sizes.⁠

During my time here I have been a part of Greek life, varsity athletics, and have a job on campus. I have taken a few classes I’ve loved but my favorite class, PSCI 392, was amazing as the professor was the mayor of Bloomington and had a very energetic teaching style. I have loved having the opportunity to take many different kinds of classes outside of my major explore subjects I otherwise would never have thought to. – @luke_t_martin

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