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I Found My Niche at Hunter College

Skewin, a young man with brown skin, leans on a stone half-wall. Behind him is a blurry view of the tops of trees and a bridge in the distance. His hands are in his pockets and he wears khakis, a white t-shirt, a cross necklace, and circular glasses.

Student Name: Skewin Lorenzo

School: CUNY Hunter College

Major: Biology

“Hi, all! My name is Skewin Lorenzo. I’m a junior at Hunter College in New York City. I am majoring in biology and I have been loving my experience so far.⁠

I decided to attend Hunter College because it seemed like the logical choice for me at the time since I am from New York, so it seemed so convenient to be able to attend school and still live at home. Although it may not seem like the best reason to pick a college, it has worked out for me. ⁠

I’ve been able to meet amazing people in person and even through our online courses that we found ourselves in throughout the height of the pandemic. I believe that the people I’ve met have helped me expand my view and have allowed me to view the city in a completely new way.⁠

There is definitely something unique about being here and it just feels right to me. I have loved the experience and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.”⁠ – @_bestalive

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