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I Found My Niche at Harding University

A young woman in athletic clothes poses outside of a Harding University building.

Student Name: Karina

School: Harding University

Major: Kinesiology

Hi, my name is Karina. I’m from Ukraine. And I’ve been studying at Harding University for 4 months now. My education is kinesiology. I am an athlete, I’m pole vaulter and triple jumper.

Harding is a great place to study and train. There are great teachers and coaches. When I went here, I did not expect that everything would be so cool! There is excellent chewing and nutrition, as well as conditions for training. All the people here are incredibly helpful and will always help you and be kind to you.

In my opinion, there are no minuses in this university, I am satisfied with absolutely everything. The main advantage of this university is the atmosphere here, love, kindness, mutual understanding and support from all the people around you reign here. And I am grateful that I was invited to study here.


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