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I Found My Niche at Hampton University

Noah stands against a marble wall. He wears a zip up sweater with palm trees and camo pants.

Student Name: Noah Lang

School: Hampton University

Major: Kinesiology

“Hello, my name is Noah and I am a third-year kinesiology major from Virginia Beach. ⁠The reason I chose kinesiology as my major is that I love sports and everything to do with them. I run track and field and love the idea of learning ways to keep up with my body along with building a career to help other athletes maintain a healthy lifestyle. The reason I chose Hampton is that it is a very prestigious HBCU that does outstandingly well in athletics. They also have a wonderful head coach in track and field. They have won many championships in the past and I felt that it would fit best for me to continue my career as they guide me to become a better athlete and man on and off the track.⁠⁠
As you can see, I am very fashion-forward and I always find new and creative ways to express myself through clothing. Hampton University is a fashionable school, so rising to the occasion is a must in everyday life. Eye-catching outfits are seen daily here and Hampton teaches you to always put you best foot forward and to present yourself with the upmost respect.⁠⁠
My journey through Hampton has not been a walk in the park but in every obstacle, I have learned valuable lessons that will take me through life. Hampton is a very energetic university but still very much intelligent. I hope this has helped you consider being a future Hamptonian.”⁠⁠ – @noahlehang

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